Holiday Lease Purchase Video from Claude

Ok gang , The holiday spirit hit me this morning so here is my gift (limited till 01/02/2009). A free Lease Purchase seminar video dvd set and an advanced copy of my new book “The Lease Purchase Bible”. all sent vimmediately. Cost Free (hey, I said it is a gift). This live seminar conducted by Claude Diamond aka Mr. Mentor has tons of contemporary information. Best of all its free

It includes:
A. Lease Purchase Marketing
B. Lease Option Contracts
C.Where to find the homes and the buyers
D. Strategies like sandwiching, cooperative assignments, creating notes and financing, pure options and the all new Arbitrage Lease Purchase, Consulting.

Just go to Fill out my form!

Any questions ? Then give me a call, I answer my own phone (970) 726 7979
Be Well and happy holidays – Claude


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