I’m too sexy for Lease Purchasing

I’m too Sexy for Creative Real Estate
by Claude Diamond J.D.

Great title isn”t it? A shame it has nothing to with the content of this article, but this writer will never stop trying to get your attention with some important ideas that will get you into that
new Lexus.

This is a very weird business! On one hand you can get rich doing deals, creating cash flow, assigning contracts, selling information, but on the other hand it can be a frustrating
experience for many of you. What does it really take to make this business unbelievably profitable, consistent and a lotta fun?

Here is a list of my Favorite and most Important ways to make it in this wonderful Lease Purchase and option business!

You had better LOVE Real Estate so much that your friends will think you”re boring! Yes, LOVE IT! !
You”ve got to have passion about this business. You have to love it more than golf, skiing, fresh buttered movie popcorn, a Clint Eastwood film festival,a frozen strawberry margarita with a side plate of Nachos and a California “In and Out” Burger with fries. Whew, that a lot of passion !

2. You have to go to make money everyday! ! It”s not enough to act busy by making phone calls and driving around looking at homes. If you are in this business then shoot for the stars and hope you hit the moon. If making money offends you then go back to
Corporate America, flip burgers or work for a cure for the Slurpy headache. (You know when you eat the 7-11 stuff too fast.)

NOW HEAR THIS! ! Creative Real Estate is all about you MAKING MONEY .
Note: I remember one couple at a real estate club where I was speaking explain that they
were in creative real estate, not for the money, but because they wanted to help people!
My Reply: No offense, but that is one of the sickest things I have ever heard :-)! !
Seriously you can”t help anyone unless you take care of your own financial affairs and your family’s security first. Once that is accomplished, then you can be as altruistic as your heart desires. You can even start a legal fund and hold vigils for Mr. Bernie Madoff if you like ;-).

3. Work Smart! Place a value on your time and do the smart things that make the deals happen, not the unproductive busy work that so many are fond of. Stop wasting time. Be
proactive. Go out there, make offers, run ads, design a blog, pick up the phone and make 20 GUTS sales calls a day and create a deal. Make it happen today!

4. Have a Strategic Marketing plan that makes the phone ring every day and keeps you so busy you forget to have lunch. Learn the art of direct productive marketing and make sales fun! (See #5.)

5. Have some Courage or a Guts Sales Success Method! Qualify your prospects in three minutes or fire them fast. Stay in control of the sales process and use an organized system of sales. Let the prospect come to a natural conclusion to give want to purchase Have too many prospects, properties and deals. Make sales FUN and in your CONTROL.

6. You have to be a Problem Solver. ! People will literally beat down your doors to do deals if they feel that you have a way to solve their problems! Believe me, real estate has
more problems than General Motors© right now.

Example: Mr. Prospect, I don”t know if
this is important to you, but would you like to increase your profit on the sale of your home,lower your marketing costs, eliminate tenants & toilets and move your home in the next 30 days or less?

7. Forget about trying to be a bottom feeder and act like a professional. Yes, I know what they tell you at the seminars,“find the motivated-desperate and dumb seller” but why not take a philosophy of being non-adversarial ? Act like a consultant and watch the business and referrals come to you .

8. Most real estate seminars are a waste of YOUR time and money! Sorry, sure they are fun and offer plenty of short term motivation and occasionally a few good ideas, but hearing the same ten guys who schlock their books and CD sets or going on useless bus rides isn”t going to get you to the bank. Believe me they would be out doing their own deals if what they are schlocking was true.

9. Stop working for free all the time and place a value on your time, knowledge and energy.

Learn from a Millionaire Success Mentor and Coach and watch the results in the first 30 days. Like the old saying goes, “Don’t reinvent the wheel, when you can use someone else’s wagon!” Emulate success from a winner. Find some with credibility who will speak with you. Has their own financial success and the character and veracity to be accountable to you .

11. Attitude -Walk around like you have a million dollars in your pocket. (Even if you can”t buy a burger!) . Sometimes you got to fake it before you make it. Perception is realty in American culture.

12. HAVE FUN 🙂 It doesn”t matter how much money you make (that one hurt), if you don”t have a ball doing it. Live, Laugh and Enjoy your Business. It”s part of life, not just an
end to a means.
Be Well and enjoy your life BUT get the money out of the way first.
970 726 7979


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